Dungeon Followers

Dungeon Followers


Dungeon Followers is a game where you follow a group of adventurers into deep dungeons to get followers on the in game fake and very unpopular social networks. Our “heroes” are unpopular, but willing to risk their lives for the likes. Follow them through ever changing dungeons and strategic battles, getting popular and discovering treasures, menacing monster and experiencing very interesting boss battles.

You play exploring dungeons in a first person view and get into strategic battles when you offend or scare someone on the dungeons, your party will obviously stream the battle to try to get as many likes as they can from the battle. Likes on this world are currency that can buy food or even healthcare, but is mostly expended on armors and weapons. You start the game by getting a random explorer and while exploring you can expand you party to up to three members, but death is permanent,  so you need to be careful with your battles and dying means starting from the beginning.

The game is currently in development, but we hope to release it in 2016. We are developing for PC and Mobile and looking for the possibility of getting it to consoles.


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November 14, 2015