Inside Abstract Tinker

Inside Abstract Tinker

What is Abstract Tinker? What’s it like in the workspace? What can they offer to the gamming world? Can they see the future? Do they have a unicorn?

To answer the first one  of those questions, Abstract Tinker is a game development company in which our goal is to make original games with character, putting a little bit of ourselves into every game we are currently developing and no, we’re not talking about the clay.


You can get Claybot from the Play Store

We currently have a few games in development: Claybot, in which you play as claybot, an awesome robot who’s trying to go right in mars; Cosmic Guardian, that’s currently on beta, a great Trading Card Game where you play as the defender of the cosmos and Dungeon Follower or newest project.


Concept art of Billy The Knight from Dungeon Followers.

But What it’s like here in the office? We all talk about it in the office and we all got to a conclusion. It’s great. We all have a great time here, everyone is nice and we all like to goof around. It’s because of that it’s that we get our job done, we like to do things without any pressure more than our own and most of all, we have fun doing this. We play, we laugh and we enjoy doing this, making original videogames with their own personality.

Can we see the future? Well… no. But we see ourselves today and we know that we’ll still be here, doing videogames, getting better and better bringing to the world new experiences in quality games and above all, having fun. And inside a pile of cash… a really big one (at least Dan wants it).

And no. We don’t have an unicorn, or a goose that lays golden eggs.


The team. From left to right: Tomás, José, Pablo, Begoña, Sven and Dan.